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About Us

From its inception in 1961, the Woodley Gardens Pool has served the surrounding communities as a welcoming gathering space for families to enjoy summer recreation, neighborhood get-togethers, and a spirited swim team. Members of the Woodley Gardens Pool have traditionally been drawn from the following neighborhoods:
  • College Gardens
  • Derwood
  • Hungerford
  • Regents Square
  • Rose Hill
  • Woodley Gardens
  • Woodley Gardens West
  • West End

Formation of the Woodley Gardens Swim Club and Recreation Association

A committed group of local families have worked together to form the Woodley Gardens Community Swim and Recreation Association (WGCSRA). The goal for doing so was two-fold:
  1. to demonstrate the commitment of community members dedicated to ensuring our Rockville neighborhoods continue to benefit from the pool and recreation opportunities, and
  2. to establish an IRS-recognized, tax-exempt 501 (c)3 charitable entity to solicit and accept funding in support of managing, maintaining, and revitalizing the Woodley Gardens Pool and Clubhouse.
The WGSCRA mission supports building confidence and leadership for children throughout our communities; bridging age, gender, racial/ethnic, and social diversity. Additionally, WGSCRA supports the provision of recreational opportunities that inspire personal growth, promote healthy lifestyles, reduce social isolation, and create an intergenerational network for a diverse population of children, teens, adults and elderly residents of the City of Rockville and neighboring communities.

WGSCRA works in community partnership with the City of Rockville and surrounding communities with a specific aim to reduce the governmental burden on the City of Rockville; and to provide and support education and training initiatives related to recreational instruction, healthy lifestyles, and safety.

Summer 2020!

WGSCRA will operate the Woodley Gardens Pool and Clubhouse for the 2020 summer season (May 22 – Sept 7). This is significant for many reasons and the improvements will be immediate.
  • WGSCRA’s oversight will allow the Woodley Gardens Pool and Clubhouse to be managed for our community by our community.
  • WGSCRA will contract with a professional pool management organization to handle day-to-day management duties and members can expect well-maintained and operated facilities and qualified lifeguard staff. WGSCRA will be licensed by Montgomery County and will operate and be insured in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • In addition, WGSCRA is planning many social and recreational events throughout the summer. The pool deck can be reserved, in advance, for private parties for a small fee. A grill and kitchen facilities are also available with prior permission.
  • Families with young children will have the opportunity to sign up for swim lessons and the pre-swim team. These opportunities will teach children how to develop confidence and skills in the pool.

Events Timeline

March 1st – 2020 memberships available.
  • More membership categories to better meet needs of our communities
  • New member discounts
  • Payment plans (member dues must be paid in full by May 23)
April 15th – last day to receive early bird membership dues for 2020 season. Fees increase after this date so commit and save money!

Summer Season (Sat May 23rd – Mon Sept 7th)

Fri May 22nd – Pool Opening Celebration!!
  • Stay tuned for more details

Community Social Events

Below are some of the fun social events planned throughout the summer. Check back for updates and more details:
  • Movie Nights
  • Float Nights
  • July 4th barbeque
  • July 4th barbeque
    • Bingo
    • Wacky relays
    • Noodle races
    • Water ballet contest

Woodley Gardens Waves

The Woodley Gardens Waves Swim Team (WGST) was formed in 1961 when the Woodley Gardens Pool and Clubhouse opened. Since 1963, WGST has competed in the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) which was established in 1959 to provide organized, friendly swim team competition for children at the neighborhood pool level. The League operates from Memorial Day to the end of July. Visit the MCSL homepage at

Our Division C team provides a competitive and supportive environment for children up to age 18 to become strong, safe swimmers while establishing enduring friendships that extend well beyond summer.

The team also maintains a Ripples pre-team for children ages 4-8 to help new swimmers learn proper stroke technique and compete in a fun and encouraging environment. Currently, WGST includes close to 200 swimmers. For more information, please visit:

History of the Woodley Gardens Pool and Clubhouse

Woodley Gardens is significant because it was Montgomery County’s first pre-planned community developed almost 60 years ago. The colonial style brick houses were the trademark of Woodley Gardens, and the original clubhouse architecture was built to mirror the homes, with the same brick exterior and white columns.

The clubhouse and property were designed to serve as the “front lawn” of the Woodley Gardens neighborhood, as many of the main streets within the Woodley Gardens neighborhood terminate at Nelson Street, a major thoroughfare through residential neighborhoods within Rockville and in front of the swim club and Woodley Gardens Park.

Preserving the aesthetic continuity between homes, the original brick pavilion structure at Woodley Gardens Park and the brick clubhouse building, the Woodley Gardens Pool is a gathering place for residents within the neighborhood(s) and helps to improve the overall look and feel of Rockville on a major road that connects the western most areas of Rockville (and 270) with Town Square.

Woodley Gardens Community Swim & Recreation Association
850 Nelson Street | Rockville | Maryland | 20850